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Marine eco tours & fishing charters

Intimate and remote marine Eco Tours and guided Fishing Charters in the heart of the Great Bear Rainforest, a part of the largest coastal temperate rainforest in the world!  Containing an intricate network of pristine waterways and towering granite fjords often untouched by mankind. 


Home to an abundant amount of diverse plant, animal, and marine life.  Humpback and/or Orca whales, Harbour Seals, Pacific White-sided Dolphin, Grizzly and Black bear, groups of wild salmon, nesting Bald Eagles, Porpoise, cascading waterfalls, magnificent glaciers, hikes through ancient old growth forests and relaxing coastal hot springs could be a part of your unique adventure in the Great Bear Rainforest.


Private Charters and group tours of up to 12 persons aboard custom high speed 26' or 36' Vessels ensure the safest and most exhilarating adventure offered in Bella Coola All tours depart from the Bella Coola Harbour, the best way to see a variety of views and wildlife starting with the colorful estuary and breathtaking granite fjords.

"There simply is no better way to experience the wildness of the Great Bear Rainforest" - Kansas Whitear, Utah. 


Guided Fishing

Beat the crowds and come aboard for a unique fishing adventure you won't forget! Heading deep into the Great Bear Rainforest we will take you to the best fishing destinations for your target species. Rivers Inlet, Bella Bella, even Ocean Falls are not out of reach on our high speed custom vessels powered by twin 300 horsepower outboard motors and unbeatable safety features give us the range and security necessary to track down and put our guests on top of the fish every trip!


Wildlife Viewing

View the magnificent wildlife of the Great Bear Rainforest on this intimate wildlife viewing adventure! Visit remote estuaries, rivers and bays for viewing of Grizzly Bears, Wolves, Seals, Eagles and otters or head deeper into the fjords in search of Orca and Humpback whales, Pacific White-sided Dolphin, and Porpoise. This unique adventure is enhanced with the vessels underwater microphones to catch the songs and clicks of these magestic creatures.


Marine Eco Tours

Explore and become a part of the untamed and untouched surroundings of the Great Bear Rainforest on an Eco Tour of remote estuaries, waterfalls, historic sites, giant old growth forests and hot springs. 


Book a custom charter to some of our further destinations including the coastal islands, beaches, historic sites, and abandoned coastal towns. 


Hot Springs

Visit one of the natural Hot springs that line the fjords of the Great Bear Rainforest. Soak in the natural pools overlooking secluded bays and inlets. Book an early morning or evening trip for bear viewing opportunities even from the comfort of the pools!

Custom Packages
We offer customized trips based on your interests. Contact us today and let us help you plan your next marine outing!
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