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Salmon & Halibut Fishing


There is a wide variety of fishing in Bella Coola and surrounding areas. Chinook and Coho Salmon are the primary targeted salmon species on our fishing charters, as well as Halibut, Ling Cod and other bottom fish. These waters also house Giant Spot Prawns and Dungeness Crabs and we can soak our traps on any of our private tours or charters upon request. Between all the different catch opportunities, the beautiful place we call home among these towering peaks and glacial fjords and the abundance of salmon and wildlife, there really is something for everyone!


Regardless of whether you head deep into the channels in search of the big Chinook or bottom dwelling Halibut, or stay in the Bentinck Channels for some monstrous Spot Prawns and delicious Dungeness Crab there will a memorable experience waiting for you!




When fisherman from all over the world come to the Central Coast of BC to catch the “big one” they are usually talking about the prized Chinook or "King" salmon that have been known to reach upwards of 50lbs in this area. As Chinook Salmon return from the northern Pacific to their natal rivers and streams along the west coast, they pass by the Burke and Dean Chanels and many make their way to Bella Coola to spawn. During our fishing adventures in one of these three channels we will also drop the lines for Halibut, Ling Cod and assorted Rock Fish for those tasty beer battered Fish and Chips! While aboard, there are also fantastic opportunities for viewing passing Grey, Humpback and even Orca Whales.

The peak season for Salmon fishing occurs June through September but spring and late fall often provide some great opportunities as well. Best times for Chinook/King/Spring salmon is June-July and Coho/Silver salmon August-September. Halibut and other bottom fish can be found in these channels from May-November. 

Click button below to view our 2020 season pricing or call us for a quote for a custom charter based on your desired catch!

Call your guide to hear our current fishing report or to find out the best time of year to fish for your choice of species. 604.250.7708

FULL DAY 10-12 HOURS $1,595 

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