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Whale watching

Experience whale watching like never before with hydrosound! Our vessels are equipped with hydrophones to capture the songs of the male humpback and synchronized bubble netting as well as the endless chatter of the pacific white sided dolphins. 

The discovery coast is a prime destination for viewing Orca, Humpback, and grey whales as they make their annual migration into these waters to feed. When you come aboard for a whale watching tour with Discovery Coast Adventures be ready for much more as we take you deep into remote channels with glacial fed waterfalls, hot springs, and abundant wildlife. Wolves, Grizzly bear, and mountain goats frequently make an appearance in these channels so keep your eyes on the mountain ledges that shoot straight up from sea level to over 5000 FT! 

      Whats included:

  • 4-8 Hour whale watching tour

  • Visit to waterfalls and rivers

  • Stop in bay for bear viewing

  • Viewing of coastal pictographs

  • Optional stop at hot springs upon request

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